Principled and Practiced

Acting consciously for our investors, community, and planet

Driven by our core principles, Fortress considers environmental, social, and governmental risks and rewards in investment decisions and firm-level management.

Diverse investor needs, evolving regulatory frameworks, and market realities inform our perspective. We incorporate today’s solutions and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges to drive attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Standards-Driven Strategy

We use the industry leading SASB Materiality Map to inform investment decisions

In 2023, we began implementing the SASB Materiality Map to further advance our recognition of ESG concerns in evaluating and monitoring investments and potential investments.
  • The Materiality Map highlights 26 general sustainability issues across 77 industries.
  • Utilizing the Materiality Map standardizes our approach to ESG, generating insights that allow for informed investment and management decisions across groups and over time.
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Carbon Footprint

We remain focused on identifying and creating opportunities to minimize and off-set the environmental impact of our business. In pursuit of that aim, Fortress has worked with a 3rd party climate platform to measure our corporate carbon footprint and offset our Scope I, Scope II, and select Scope III emissions since 2021.

Additional Detail

We have partnered with the Communitree Carbon Program, an award-winning reforestation program and the largest reforestation initiative in Nicaragua. The program works with thousands of smallholder farmers to create long-term income opportunities from growing trees on underused parts of their land. Over the course of 2022, the Communitree program sourced over 30 million seeds in order to achieve planting across Nicaragua. In 2022 alone, these farmers planted an estimated 6 million trees and reforested over 4,700 hectares of land.

We have partnered with Trees for Global Benefits (“TGB”), an award winning long-running cooperative carbon offsetting program in Uganda which combines community-led activities to increase carbon sequestration, encourage sustainable land-use practices, and provide farmers with performance-based payments. Participating farmers receive training and attend workshops to identify forestry activities that are suitable to their needs. TGB currently engages ~26,000 small holders families across 73 communities. As a result of these initiatives farmers working with the Trees for Global Benefits program have helped remove over 3.8 million tCO2.

We have extended our participation in nitrous oxide (N20) destruction by purchasing N20 destruction credits sourced from an adipic acid plant located in the most polluted county in Florida. This project involved installing an additional absorption column called a Thermal Reactor Unit (TRU) in the exhaust section of the adipic acid plant. The TRU generates heat to separate nitrous oxide pollutants intro nitrogen and oxygen, which are naturally occurring atmospheric gases. The credits purchased by Fortress go directly to funding the installation of the TRU.

“Our commitment to responsible investing positions the firm to make informed, responsible choices for the benefit of our investors and our communities.”

Joshua A. Pack

Co-CEO & Co-Chair of the
ESG Committee

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