Net Lease

For over two decades, the Fortress Net Lease business has provided creative capital solutions to companies seeking to unlock the value of their real estate holdings to fund acquisitions, improve liquidity, strengthen balance sheets or redeploy into a wide range of corporate initiatives.

We have been a strategic partner of choice for companies ranging from some of the world’s largest and best-known companies to smaller middle market enterprises, structuring nearly 3,000 transactions representing over $17 billion in aggregate value since 2002.

Reflecting our deep experience in the net lease space, the capital solutions we have provided to counterparties have allowed them to further expand and enhance their businesses while seeking to provide our investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns through multiple credit cycles and across a wide range of industries and geographies.

$17 billion Total Transaction Value
2,900+ Properties
82 million Square Feet

As of December 31, 2023.


Our net lease strategies focus on acquisitions of single tenant real properties across a wide variety of underlying property types, including manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, retail, office and special use properties. Our investment approach is characterized by:
  • A focus on partnering with businesses and structuring bespoke sale-leaseback solutions
  • Durable solutions that provide certainty and control to our counterparty tenants
  • Long-term and continuous partnership with companies as our counterparties expand their businesses and seek further solutions

“With over 20 years of dedicated focus on the net lease space, we have built the expertise, resources and know-how to provide efficient and time-tested capital solutions to companies ranging from middle market companies to the largest and best known corporations with globally diverse real estate portfolios.” 

Ahsan Aijaz

Managing Director, Head of Global Net Lease Business

Key Differentiators


The Net Lease team has more than 20 years of experience structuring and executing net lease transactions across industries and geographies, and through multiple economic and credit cycles

Transaction Capability

We can quickly execute transactions ranging from single-asset structures to multi-transaction solutions addressing global real estate portfolios. We have the ability to fund sizeable transactions on an all-equity basis with speed of execution

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated Net Lease team has been one of the market’s most active participants for over 20 years under the same leadership. This team’s depth of experience is complemented by its ability to leverage the full resources of Fortress 600+ person global credit platform, including industry-specific and structuring expertise honed over two decades as part of one of the world’s most sophisticated credit platforms

Confidentiality & Minimal Distraction

For decades, management teams have entrusted and partnered with Fortress to provide solutions for their business and strategic objectives. We do so with complete discretion and confidentiality, while minimizing the need for management involvement from partner companies

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