Investment Approach

For over two decades, we’ve generated strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors


What We Do

Our overriding objective is to protect and grow our investors’ capital

With discipline and rigor, we apply expertise honed through decades of investing through market, economic and credit cycles – and across asset classes, structures, geographies and industries.

Fortress delivers local expertise with a global perspective in 12 office locations worldwide. We believe that the depth and breadth of our resources—our intellectual capital, investment, origination, asset management and servicing capabilities, and our time-tested and disciplined processes—distinguish and differentiate our business.

$49 billion Assets Under Management
900+ Professionals
25 Years of

As of March 31, 2024.


Corporate Credit

Operating as one team across liquid and private credit with 200+ investment professionals, Fortress has the flexibility to efficiently provide a wide variety of debt and capital solutions for borrowers and sponsors.

Fortress has been a leading participant in the corporate credit markets for 20+ years.

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Asset-Backed Finance

Distinguished by diverse and deliberate strategies developed over decades

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Real Estate

A leading investor in real estate assets, loans and special situations worldwide

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Private Equity

Cultivating long-term value with Fortress precision and discipline

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Insurance Solutions

Strategic capital and asset management solutions
for the insurance industry.

The Fortress Insurance Solutions business is a provider of strategic capital and asset management solutions for the insurance industry.

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Investment platform that seeks to provide investors with the benefits of a liquid, diversified and market neutral approach to multi-strategy investing

The strategy seeks to generate consistent, uncorrelated returns in all market environments.

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For more than 25 years, Fortress has been entrusted to protect and grow the assets of investors representing millions of workers, retirees and their families.
We strive to earn that trust every day.


Aviation Airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports, and related service providers
Convenience Petroleum distributors, retailers, and related suppliers and service providers
Education Skill development programs and services, ranging from early childhood education to higher education, vocational training, and professional development
Energy Infrastructure for energy production, transportation and storage
Financial Services Financial institutions and assets
Food & Beverage Production, processing, distribution, and sale of food and drink
Healthcare / Pharma Senior living, maternity care, and online facilitation
Real Estate Commercial real estate equity and financing
Retail Consumer Brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, consumer goods manufacturing, and related services
Shipping Goods and commodities transportation, supply chain logistics, international trade and related services
Software Development, distribution, and maintenance of software and IT solutions
Sports, Media, & Entertainment Creation, production, distribution of sports-related content, entertainment programming, and media services
Technology & Telecom Communication services and infrastructure through technologies such as wired and wireless networks, satellite systems, and fiber optics, facilitating global connectivity and information exchange
Business Services Specialized services including consulting, facility management, outsourcing, and technical support to businesses
Intellectual Property IP-related investments including patent portfolios and companies with strong intellectual property value
Legal Assets Legal-related specialty finance, law firm financings, legal claims

Investment Platform

Proprietary Sourcing Network

Deep Underwriting Expertise

Rigorous Asset Management

One Platform

From our proprietary sourcing network to our experienced team of asset managers, our exceptional resources and personnel inform everything we do. Our more than 200 investment professionals are seasoned, creative, and laser-focused on generating superior risk-adjusted returns across asset classes, geographies and structures.

Experience Across

Credit Cycles

As one of the pioneers of private credit, Fortress has earned a reputation as a meticulous credit investor. Our experience extends across all our investment groups, creating valuable cross-class expertise

Fundamental Credit Focus and Structured Approach

We are an active, fundamental value, asset-based investor. We are laser-focused on properly pricing, structuring, collateralizing and monitoring to maximize the value of credit investments

Investment Flexibility

We pursue a broad, diversified strategy covering multiple asset classes and structures. This allows us to seize opportunities requiring specialization in more than one investment category and to underwrite diverse pools of credits

Active Asset Management

Fortress is extremely active in maximizing the value of investments through hands-on asset management, with over 150 dedicated asset management professionals across three continents

As of March 31, 2024.