$6.8 billion Cumulative
30+ Dedicated Legal Assets investment professionals
11+ Years of Experience Investing in Legal Assets
100+ Direct Investments Closed

As of December 31, 2023.


The Fortress Legal Assets business has a global footprint, with investment professionals based in five countries. The group has invested in over 25 jurisdictions and has the capability to underwrite transactions worldwide.

Deal Types

Law Firm Investments

Loans and other financings to law firms secured by portfolios of fee receivables, helping legal practices manage working capital, expand business, and engage in strategic transactions

Corporate Litigation Portfolios

Investments in portfolios of legal claims owned by corporations, allowing those corporations to monetize claims and manage litigation risk

Legal-Related Specialty Finance

Debt, asset / flow purchases, structured / preferred equity, and majority or minority equity transactions with platforms that originate or service legal assets

Single-Case Litigation Funding

Capital for legal fees and expenses in high-value litigation involving commercial disputes, securities litigation and consumer litigation

Judgment / Award Purchases

Investments in court judgments, arbitral awards, or settlements subject to appeal or deferred payment schedules

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