Diversity & Inclusion

Our Beliefs and Commitment

We believe that fostering and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace can contribute to better outcomes for all of our stakeholders.

We believe that knowledge gained through a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences can provide significant competitive advantage.

We believe that an inclusive culture, with employees who feel empowered and valued, can catalyze the broader success of our team.



Attracting The Best

We strive to be the employer of choice for exceptional candidates, including those from groups traditionally underrepresented in our industry

Promoting Inclusivity

We understand that inclusivity is an action. Our culture is deeply collaborative and our success demands that our best thinking, from employees at all levels and from all backgrounds, is shared, tested and implemented as a team

Empowering Tomorrow

We partner with and sponsor numerous organizations supporting the development of workplace and leadership skills, including Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America, the UTIMCO Scholars Program, and Harlem Lacrosse

Thoughtfully Implemented

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee includes team members from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. The Committee is empowered to set policy, to develop programs, to seek out partnerships and to broadly address our progress and success in building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace

“Our success is ultimately a reflection of the individual and collective talents of our team, and of a culture that demands collaboration, inclusivity and the contributions of employees from all backgrounds and across all levels of seniority and experience. These have been defining characteristics of Fortress since our founding—a commitment against which we measure ourselves, and that we continually seek to strengthen.”

Robin Quittell

Chief Human Resources Officer

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