Asset-Based Credit

Our Asset-Based Credit business focuses on lending against and investing in cash flowing receivables originated by specialty finance companies.

The strategy targets originating businesses primarily in the US and Europe with an asset class agnostic approach generally focused on a broad spectrum of consumer receivables, small commercial receivables and other contractual cash flow streams.

Our investments focus on granular portfolios of assets that provide for security in cash flowing assets within structures that are covenant heavy and include performance triggers that provide downside protection for our invested capital.


Active Investors

Consistently active investors in asset based credit over the last 20 years

Experienced Team

Long-tenured senior origination team generating unique directly originated, non-marketed investment opportunities along with active general market participation


Substantial internal asset management and diligence / surveillance infrastructure creating constant contact points between Fortress and its counterparties and allowing for proactive investment management

Typical Investment Criteria

Commitment $35 million - $1 billion
Term Up to 7 years
Borrower Type Early stage to fully mature specialty finance companies
Use of Proceeds • New financings, upsizes and refinancings
• Capital solutions for special situations


Illustrative Chart for Unique Solutions Across a Range of Structures

“We believe our asset-based credit investments provide for security and control in cash flowing assets with structural covenants and downside protection rarely found in other credit investment verticals. This provides potential for consistent risk-adjusted returns that typically provide meaningful relative value to liquid and more highly competitive investment sectors.”

Dominick Ruggiero

Co-Head of Specialty Finance

Focused Industries

Accounts Receivable

Auto / Boat / Recreational Vehicle Loans

B2B Point of Sale

Business Cards



Credit Cards

Distressed Consumer Receivables

Equipment Lease


Healthcare Receivables

Home Improvement Receivables

Merchant Cash Advance

Point of Sale Finance / Buy Now Pay Later Receivables

Revenue Based Finance

Small Business Loans

Solar Finance

Student Loans

Supply Chain Finance

Timeshare Loans

Unsecured Installment Loans

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