Financial Advisors

Fortress Private Wealth Solutions strives to broaden access to alternative investments with innovative, purpose-built and investor-oriented solutions

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The Fortress Edge

We have been a trusted partner to individual investors and financial advisors for over 15 years.

We’ve honed our investment process and private market offerings over market environments, credit cycles, and multiple dislocations in the financial system. Our investment experience and broad expertise are deeply integrated into products designed for individual investors.
15+ years working
in private wealth

Breadth and Depth

Our investment capability and global platform span corporate credit, asset-backed finance, real estate, private equity, insurance solutions and multi-manager, and we offer a broad suite of products to financial advisors.

We arm financial advisors with creative solutions designed to serve client needs, from portfolio diversification to volatility management or enhancing risk-adjusted returns.
20+ Yr Track Record

Trusted Partners

We provide the insights and resources necessary to make informed investment choices and help investors understand the role alternatives can play in their portfolios.

By offering our expertise, innovative solutions, and close partnership, we strive to empower financial advisors as they build optimal investments for their clients.

Today, individual investors can access the same resources and capabilities built for some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated allocators

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