Intellectual Property

Fortress’ Intellectual Property business makes IP-related investments by financing companies or acquiring patent portfolios where we believe in the intrinsic value of the company’s intellectual property.

The group pursues a targeted range of transaction types across various industries including technology and life sciences.

Our extensive experience in underwriting IP assets and strong track record of helping companies and universities leverage their intellectual property enables Fortress to be at the forefront of many patent-related strategic efforts.

A key focus includes providing growth capital loans and other types of structured equity to companies collateralized by their intellectual property and other assets.



The team possesses experience in the patent industry across all functions: financing, legal processes and valuation

28+ Years

Average senior team member experience

50+ Investments

Closed since 2013

Diversified Investments

We aim to construct highly diversified patent portfolios that are differentiated from the overall market

As of December 31, 2023.

Unique Solutions

Illustrative Chart for Unique Solutions Across a Range of Structures

​​“We seek to pioneer the use of IP as a financial tool, enabling companies to leverage large investments in research and development to enhance growth and accomplish strategic objectives.”

Eran Zur

Head of Intellectual Property

Transaction Types

Patent-Backed Financing

Provide a range of structured financing facilities to companies collateralized by their intellectual property and other assets

Corporate Acquisitions

Acquire all or a portion of companies where patents and other IP protect its products and have potential licensing value

Patent Portfolio Acquisitions

Acquire patent portfolios from companies and other sources. Once acquired, we will seek to develop and execute the appropriate licensing program

Joint Licensing Programs

Partner with large corporations, research institutions and universities to help in leveraging their R&D investment through patent licensing

Patent Centric Business Roll-Ups

Use patents as a strategic tool to facilitate the acquisition and consolidation of companies in a fragmented industry where the consolidated company can enjoy a stronger market share presence, business synergies, economies of scale and patent protection

IP Venture Capital

Partner with established venture capital investors to invest alongside early-stage companies

Patent Litigation Financing

Finance patent litigation where the capital is typically used for litigation counsel fees and expenses

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