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CREW – Los Angeles: A Champion for Women in Commercial Real Estate for Nearly 40 Years

Fortress Vice President Sarah Hazani Leading Programs to Advance Women in Commercial Real Estate as President of CREW’s Los Angeles Chapter.

January 23, 2023


In an industry that remains stubbornly and predominantly male, CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Network has worked tirelessly to even the playing field and support the advancement of women in commercial real estate. CREW Network’s membership of more than 12,000 professionals in more than 75 major global markets represents all aspects of commercial real estate—providing members with direct access to real estate professionals across all geographies and disciplines, around the globe.

CREW Network Foundation, the charitable arm of CREW Network, is the only organization dedicating its resources solely towards transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. The Foundation provides girls and women with education, support, and advocacy, growing the pipeline of women into commercial real estate with programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them, as well as providing resources to students pursuing CRE careers.

Fortress Vice President Sarah Hazani serves as President of CREW-LA, leading the regional chapter’s programs and strategic direction across a broad range of advocacy, educational and networking efforts.

“It is a terrific honor to serve as President of CREW-LA and to lead such a motivated, engaged and determined membership base,” said Ms. Hazani. “I have been very fortunate to have strong mentors at different points in my career, and to work for a company that sees ‘what can be’ beyond ‘what is.’ While data may reflect great progress by women in commercial real estate over the past three decades, it also highlights the divide yet to be overcome. We are committed at CREW-LA to building on past progress, to encouraging girls to consider this extraordinary industry for their own careers, and to help ensure that their achievements are limited only by their own ambitions and efforts.”

In 2023, a special priority for CREW-LA will be to combat the impact of the global pandemic on women in commercial real estate (and across industries, more broadly), who often faced disproportionately challenging home life demands that became insurmountable during the pandemic. “Facilitating business networking and mentoring is the cornerstone of our organization,” said Ms. Hazani. “At the same time, we work to identify and address new, emerging challenges facing women in the commercial real estate community, like the global pandemic. The core of our mission is to eliminate disproportionate challenges that lead to unequal opportunities—our membership is focused and energized to make a lasting difference.”