Real Estate Equity

The Fortress Real Estate Equity team began investing in 2009. Leveraging the breadth of the Fortress platform, the team’s purview spans the globe with a focus on the US, Japan and Western Europe.
  • We target mid-sized opportunities where our institutional approach and differentiated asset management capabilities drive value creation for our investors

  • We have invested over $10 billion of equity globally across more than 400 real estate transactions

  • We passionately care about our investments and believe the rigor of our processes leads to enhanced outcomes

135 Team members
400+ Transactions
~$10 billion Invested Equity

As of December 31, 2023.

Target Verticals

Global Hospitality Hotels and resorts, with value-add potential, in the U.S., Japan, and Europe
Japanese Housing Largest private owner of affordable rental housing properties in Japan
U.S. Senior Housing Distressed rental senior housing communities in Sun Belt markets
Western European Distress Idiosyncratic distressed acquisitions and recapitalizations across product types
Global Port Logistics Port-adjacent, high-throughput industrial properties in the U.S. and Europe
U.S. Residential Rental multifamily and student housing properties; structured equity solutions
Japanese Corporate Restructuring Real estate carveouts from Japanese corporations
Japanese Stable Income Long-term leased, yield-oriented investments

“We are tough minded investors, driven by data over sentiment. We passionately care about making great investments as they reflect upon our intellect, work ethic, and integrity. Fortress is a place of like-minded individuals, and we benefit from the rigor of our investment processes and our global platform.”

Tom Pulley

CEO of Global Real Estate

Case Study

Frenchman’s Reef

Deep value-add redevelopment of an iconic Caribbean Resort
  • Fortress acquired the 486-key Frenchman’s Reef Resort in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • The property was built in 1973 and operated until heavily damaged by two hurricanes in 2017
  • We acquired the resort for just $35 million, from a prior owner undergoing corporate liquidity challenges
  • Post-acquisition, we invested $264 million to complete a comprehensive renovation, building upon our prior experience in the Caribbean at the Westin Grand Cayman
  • The resort held its grand opening in January 2024, officially restoring an iconic property back to its place of prominence in the Caribbean

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The Revival of Frenchman's Reef

Investment Strategies

Global Opportunistic Real Estate

We acquire turnaround assets across our target verticals. Prior to acquisition, these assets are typically in need of renovation and/or have broken capital structures. After acquisition, we seek to make substantial improvements to generate durable income and attempt to maximize value

US & European Core+ Real Estate

We manage strategies focused on similar product types and themes as our opportunistic strategies, but with a longer-term investment horizon that has the potential to capture more income growth alongside capital appreciation

Japanese Income-Oriented Real Estate

We focus on acquiring long-term leased assets via corporate sale-leaseback transactions, senior housing properties and selective credit investments

Perpetual Public Capital

Fortress owns Consonant Investment Management, which acts as the external manager of Invincible Investment Corporation, the largest hospitality-focused J-REIT

Capital Deployed Breakdown

Since 2020, the Fortress Global Real Estate team has invested over $4.3 billion of equity globally

Our sourcing capabilities, underwriting expertise, and experienced asset management allow us to remain flexible across product types and geographies, maximizing risk-reward.

As of December 31, 2023.

Capital Deployed Breakdown

Global Scale,

Middle Market View

Our institutional approach to middle market opportunities seeks to provide a competitive advantage in sourcing, structuring, financing and executing on investments


Capital Solutions

Our deep experience across the capital stack including preferred equity, common equity and public company financings enables us to identify what we believe are compelling risk-adjusted entry points for investments



We believe we are tough-minded investors that value data over sentiment and mine our experience to glean proprietary insights


Asset Management

Since 2018, almost all our investments have been made without operating partners. We believe having greater control results in better investment outcomes

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