An experienced global team with one mission and a proven culture

What We Value

Our mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors

Performance as a principle

We always act in the best interests of our stakeholders and prioritize value creation in everything we do. We recognize and reward results.

Trust matters

We cultivate lasting trust by developing relationships grounded in honesty, integrity, and time-tested results.

Relentless improvement

We tirelessly pursue better ways of thinking, working, and collaborating – always embracing curiosity over complacency.

Better inputs, better outcomes

We value the contributions of every team member and believe diverse perspectives make sounder solutions.

“Fortress was founded on the idea that patience, discipline, and an uncompromising focus on investors will produce long-term value. More than 20 years later, this idea is central to our business and culture at every level.”

Pete Briger


Our Culture

Innovative and disciplined

At Fortress, skepticism and curiosity are complements – leading us to smarter risk and complex opportunity sets. Our culture of intellectual rigor, creative problem-solving, and exceptional performance helps us discover and deliver value where others don’t. It guides us as we seek to unlock additional investor value, chart new career paths, improve processes, or work across traditional silos.

We bring a Fortress approach to everything we do.


The Future of Fortress

Reliable in any environment

We tirelessly pursue better ways of thinking, working, and collaborating. As we have done throughout our history, Fortress will continue to leverage our established culture – our discipline, risk analysis, and performance focus – with an eye to the future and better serving our investors. In an increasingly complex environment, our approach remains precise with custom solutions to meet the needs of sophisticated investors.

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“Over time, we’ve created a platform that we believe can weather various investment environments and provide consistent outcomes. Our culture and people are the foundation and the creative engine for everything we do.”


Co-Chief Executive Officer
& Managing Partner