Fortress Investment Group LLC

Liquid Markets

Liquid Markets

Fortress's Liquid Markets hedge fund business primarily consists of Fortress Funds (Partners and Centaurus Global) and the Fortress Affiliated Manager Platform (“Affiliated Managers”).

Fortress Partners Funds

The Fortress Partners Funds invest with a broad mandate including investing in third party managed funds, similar to the endowment portfolios of large universities.

Fortress Centaurus Global Funds

The Fortress Centaurus Global Funds are global equity biased event driven funds, which generally focus on soft and hard catalyst situations in liquid securities across the capital structure.

Fortress Affiliated Manager Platform

Through its Affiliated Manager Platform, Fortress takes economic interests in high potential start-up and established funds, and provides a fee-for-services model for funds seeking to leverage Fortress’s infrastructure services. In January 2015, the Fortress Asia Macro Funds and related managed accounts transitioned into Graticule Asset Management Asia, L.P., as part of the affiliated manager platform.

(1) Includes $4.5 billion of AUM related to Affiliated Managers as of 1Q 2016.